Rus Zhirinovsky Roept Op Tot Verkrachting

Het is officieel, we kunnen er een Wiki-pagina van maken. Machtige Russen zijn per definitie idioten. Een goed voorbeeld is Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Hij is de oprichter van de extreemrechtse Liberaal Democratische Partij van Rusland. Tijdens een persconferentie vraagt hij een mannelijke journalist, om een zwangere vrouwelijke journalist te verkrachten. De reden? De vraag bevalt hem niet.

Als de ondertiteling niet werkt klik dan hier voor het filmpje met Engelse ondertiteling





0:03 No there’s no need. You’re all blood thirsty. Today there’ll be a film about you

0:07 “The viragos of the Maidan” … All you have female hysteria, you women of the Maidan

0:12 If there wasn’t this female hysteria there would never have been a Maidan

0:15 Look at that idiot Irina Faraon, she spits hatred against Russians.

0:20 Do you think she hates Russians? She loves them!

0:23 Female hysteria — she has no lover, no husband, nothing! Just a wild beast between her legs

0:29 And because of her stupid tongue a whole storm is brewing.

0:35 It’s the same with you… what sanctions? We need to be kind, be gentle!

0:39 Where are your other idiots, come here! You come here too, journalist!

0:46 When I give the word you run over and start violently raping her.

0:50 Happy Easter! Christ has risen!

0:55 Go kiss her, kiss her! Hug her, kiss her, hold her! And take the second one too and kiss her!

0:59 Kiss her harder!

1:00 Take the second one. Kiss her!

1:02 Journalists: What are you doing? She’s pregnant! This is insulting!

1:05 Zhirinovsky: Pregnant women shouldn’t be here! There should be no pregnant women here! If you’re pregnant, go home!

1:11 Journalist: This is so insulting. There is a pregnant woman standing here

1:16 Zhirinovsky: Take better care of your child! We have enough healthy people!

1:19 And what are you crawling about for, you lesbian! Why are you crawling to her defence?

1:24 Journalist: There’s no need to swear at me.

1:25 Zhirinovsky: I’m not swearing! Get the hell out of here!

1:29 Which agency are you from?

1:30 Journalist: Interfax

1:31 Zhirinovsky: Get the hell out of here. You will lose your job at Interfax, it’s over!

1:36 Are there still any questions? Pregnant women walking all over the Maidan and now here as well, and drug addicts and all the rest too…

1:42 We need healthy people. A pregnant woman should not be allowed to go to work, she should sit at home and take care of her child!

1:51 And she should have fewer lesbian friends!

1:54 Get them out of here, get the hell out, you damned Lesbians, viragos!